Wabash Valley Farms | Fresh Popcorn Cinema Style Tub


Movie Night Faces: Movie night is all about fun, and so are these Movie Night Faces Pop-Open Tubs! Each set includes a different "face" ranging from smiling to scared and everything in between. Perfect for movie night or your next party! Tubs come folded flat for storage. Just "pop" them open and fill with 32 oz. of your favorite popcorn treat! 
Dynamite: Your favorite popcorn recipe is an explosion of flavor, shouldn’t your popcorn tub make one too?! These pop-open tubs resemble real sticks of dynamite and even have a realistic count down timer printed on them, for a countdown to snack time delight! These dynamite tubs are sure to cause a “boom” at your next movie night. Tubs fold flat for storage and each tub holds up to 32 oz. of popped popcorn. 

Reindeer Cheer: The Oh Deer Popcorn Cheer theme on these disposable tubs will give a bit of fun to your favorite snack. Each Oh Deer face has a different emotion, from smiling to silly and more! Perfect for movie night or your next party this holiday season! Tubs come 8 to a pack and folded flat for storage. Just "pop" them open and fill with 32 oz. of your favorite popcorn treat! These popping kits are great gifts or wonderful to have around the house for impromptu movie nights!

Each case of 12 ships inside 2 black display trays.  Each display tray holds 6 - 8 Packs