Zwilling | Twinny 4-Inch, Chef's Knife


Get the kids in the kitchen with Twinny, the new children’s chef’s knife by ZWILLING that’s designed especially for little hands. Now you can safely include kids in all types of kitchen cutting tasks. This fun set comes in attractive, eco-friendly packaging with coloring activities that’s perfect for gifting.

The chef’s knife comes in bright red or dark blue and features a sharp stainless-steel blade with a rounded tip to keep kids safe from accidents. Other safety and comfort features include a full protective bolster and a blade sheath for safe storage that doubles as a finger protector while cutting. The clever finger protector features a narrow shape that helps children hold the item to be cut in place, all while guiding the knife flexibly along its edge and protecting your child's fingers. As with all knives, adult supervision is recommended.

Rounding out this lovingly designed set is a mini recipe booklet filled with kid-friendly meals and a fun easy-to-follow instructional pamphlet. It’s never too young to start helping in the kitchen and Twinny makes learning to cook fun!

  • With a hand and finger guard made of rugged plastic
  • Snap points for inserting into the sheath
  • Rounded blade shape
  • Suitable for children age 3 and older
  • Only use under adult supervision