Tovolo | Silicone Yolk Out

Separating eggs can be a stressful process, especially when you have many eggs to separate the whites from the yolks as with angel food or sponge cakes, low-cholesterol egg white omelets, or mile-high souffles. Often, delicate yolks are broken using clumsy egg separators or even your hands and fingers to do this necessary job. With this Tovolo Yolk-Out(TM) Egg Yolk Separator all you must do is squeeze in the air and create a vacuum, draw the yolk into the silicone bulb, and then release the egg yolk into a bowl. This simple to use, silicone bulb egg yolk separator leaves the whites behind without a breaking the membrane on the yolk and spoiling the egg whites. Baking and cooking with separated eggs will become a total joy and an easy, stress-free process using this space saving Tovolo Yolk-Out(TM) Egg Separator.