OXO | Coal Rake with Grate Lifter


The OXO Good Grips Coal Rake with Grill Lifter is an essential tool for your charcoal grill. The long neck and high-heat resistant design mean you can easily arrange coals for direct- or indirect-heat cooking. The shovel-like head efficiently scoops ash when it’s time to clean up. The durable stainless steel head includes notches that hook onto grill grates so you can safely lift them when hot to add more coal or when dirty after cooking. The soft, comfortable handle includes a hanging loop for convenient storage on or near your grill. The Coal Rake can also be used when cooking on an open campfire to adjust logs. Dishwasher safe.


  • All-in-one stainless steel tool moves coals, scoops ash, and lifts grates
  • Easily arranges coals for direct or indirect heat
  • Optimized shovel-like head removes ash from inside grill
  • Notches on head make it safe to lift hot grates or remove dirty grates
  • Extended design keeps hands safely away from heat
  • Soft, comfortable handle and hanging loop for storage


Use & Care

Dishwasher Safe