Olivelle | Pici Pasta



This hand rolled noodle is similar to a thick spaghetti noodle with a more irregular shape. Originating in Siena, Tuscany the name comes from the Italian word appiciare which refers to the hand rolling techniques used to make the pasta. Made from only flour and water this the the Sienese peasants' everyday pasta. It is served and enjoyed with a variety of sauces. Aglione, a garlic and tomato sauce; Briciole, toasted breadcrumbs and garlic; Cacio e Pepe, pecorino cheese and pepper; Or Ragu, a hearty meat sauce. 

Olivelle's pasta is made in the heart of Italy, by a fifth-generation, family-run company using the highest quality ingredients and century old, traditional methods. From farm to table, this pasta is produced with Italian Organic Durum Wheat Semolina and processed using artisan methods; bronze dye extruded, and air dried naturally over multiple days. While not the fastest way of making pasta, it is still the best and most authentic, lending to a rough, dense finish that has bite and holds any sauce beautifully. Because of the quality ingredients and craftsmanship when making this pasta, it is naturally high in folate, rich in protein, fiber; and has a lower glycemic index than regular wheat pasta.