Nielsen-Massey | 4 oz. Pure Peppermint


Our Pure Peppermint Extract is made from mint grown under the strictest quality standards. The flavor has long been a favorite during the holiday season, but its culinary applications are now seen year-round

  • Sweet ideas: cookies, bark, candy canes, ice cream, tea, fruit salads, cakes, icings
  • Savory ideas: sauces lamb, pork and poultry
  • Beverage ideas: hot toddies, teas, cocoa, pattinis, vodka cocktails
  • Chef’s notes: Peppermint has the reputation of being one of the oldest medicinal herbs. Add a few drops of Pure Peppermint Extract to a cup of hot water to help soothe an upset stomach.

Indigenous to Europe, peppermint was originally consumed for medicinal purposes, with archaeological evidence dating its use back almost ten thousand years. The ancient Greeks are thought to be the first to have cultivated the plant and even gave the herb its own legend in classic mythology.

Eventually peppermint became a commonly used ingredient in food and is now prevalent in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine, as well as popular European and American desserts such as peppermint ice cream (which was loved by Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, Marie Louis), candy canes and mint chocolates.

Alcohol (95%), Peppermint Oil

• Kosher Certified
• Gluten-Free Certified
• Non-GMO Project Verified