Le Creuset | Magnetic Wooden Trivet


The Magnetic Wooden Trivet protects surfaces from the heat in effortless handsfree style. Crafted from beautiful acacia wood, the 8-inch circular trivet features a magnet that instantly attaches to the bottom of metal cookware for easy serving from oven to table. Three iconic silicone rings on the trivet are designed to provide a heat-resistant cushioned base and allow air to circulate around pots and pans.


  • Crafted from long-grain acacia wood with a natural finish
  • Silicone rings are BPA-free and resistant to stains, odors, and flavor absorption
  • Heat-resistant up to 482°F
  • Magnet is suitable for any cookware that has a magnetic metal layer
  • Caution when using a trivet on delicate or heat-sensitive surfaces as some heat transfer is possible
  • Not suitable for use on any direct heat source
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly