Kuhn Rikon | Melon Slice + Serve Knife


With one glance, this fun colorful tool shouts tasty, summer, fun!

It is easy to use and easy to store with its foldable handle. This slicing tool makes cutting safe and easy by coring through the fruits soft center, eliminating the possibility of mishandling sharp blades.

The curved blades of this kitchen gadget trace along the inside of the melon, quickly detaching the juicy pink fruit from its rind in perfectly uniform slices. The device doubles as a pair of tongs, able to pick up individual slices.

  • No sharp edges, keeping fingers and hands safe
  • Food-safe nonstick silicone coating on blades
  • Cuts uniform slices every time
  • Handle folds inside the blade for compact storage
  • Tong-like blades make it easy to remove melon slices