Buzzee | Reusable Sandwich Wrap Busy Bees

● Made withs GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified 100% Organic printed
cotton,Tropical beeswax,Organic virgin coconut oil,Organic citrus essential oils and Himalayan
pine rosin.
● Great to pack a sandwich.
● The coconut button and the twine will secure a tight seal around your sandwich.
● Keeps food fresher for a long time as opposed to airtight plastic wraps,bags and containers.
● Safer and Easier for kids than plastic lunch bag options.
● Hand wash with cool water and mild dish soap then air dry.
● Not recommended for meat products and heat sources (microwave,stove top,dishwasher,oven
● Wash and reuse for upto one year and then compost.
● More colors with beautiful prints and attractive packaging, great for gifting.
● Comes in a single pack of 13” square.