M'Steel Wok


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This cooking utensil is distinguished by its shape, with a narrow bottom, wide flared edges and a great height. It allows you to cook small quantities but also more generous recipes. This particular shape has the advantage of reducing the fat that concentrates at the bottom, where it will be useful for searing food. The heat, which is intense at the bottom, diffuses gradually at the edges, and the food continues its cooking cycle, which is gentler. The height of the wok favours the creation of steam, which will allow cooking without drying out. All these features make the product cook quickly and healthily. Wok cooking is perfect for vegetables, it preserves flavor and crunchiness.

The M'STEEL collection in black sheet metal is made of a metal alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon. It is essentially the carbon content that gives the alloy the properties of the metal called "steel" used in cooking, especially for sheet steel pans.

Black sheet metal is a good conductor of heat: it rises in temperature very quickly. It is an ideal material for searing, browning and grilling. It is not very sticky and allows you to cook with very little fat. The steel sheet offers the advantage of giving taste and enhancing flavors. Due to its rapid conductivity, it is not very suitable for simmering.

 22.4" x 13.2" x 4.3"
 7.1QT (6.7L)